For a little patriarch, he should not only consider himself, but also consider the future of the whole race, and surrender to Eric Suen Yiu Wai is the best choice, there is no doubt about it.

"Remember, don’t call me the Jade Emperor in the future. That title is only worthy of the previous Jade Emperor. You also call me the Jiehuang." Eric Suen Yiu Wai disdainfully left the pie mouth. What jade emperor is not jade emperor, he is not rare. Now his achievements are far away from the former Jade Emperor. If he still follows others to claim to be the Jade Emperor, it would be a bit too fall in price, which is completely inconsistent with his own identity.
"Yes, your Majesty, I will listen to your command at the end," said King Kunlun on his knees quickly.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai nodded with satisfaction. Now he really wants to keep the Kunlun protoss and the Terran, and see if these two races have any use value.

Chapter 343 The siege of screamo temple
After pacifying the heaven, Eric Suen Yiu Wai basically kept the original office and officials of the heaven, but placed his cronies in an important position, and also kept the Lingxiao Hall permanently, taking Fengtian City as the political center, ostensibly to express his respect for the jade emperor, but in fact he didn’t want to live in that unfamiliar place.
In terms of defensive ability, Fengtian City is not bad at all, and every brick and tile is built by our own people. It is very clear where there is an organ and where to escape. In order to prevent one thousand, it is certainly better to choose here than to choose Lingxiao Hall.
In addition, Eric Suen Yiu Wai chose a commander-in-chief in Terran and Kunlun Protoss, and let them compete. As a result, the possibility of joining forces between the two families was also eliminated. Without the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother, they were just strangers, so they would naturally struggle for their own interests, and they would never do anything that was completely unprofitable.
Naturally, Zhao Gongming, the original duke of Mukden City, became the consul of heaven, assisted by Fan Li, and Eric Suen Yiu Wai specially transferred Yang Jian, appointed him as the general of heaven, and divided the law enforcement. In name, Yang Jian was the nephew of the jade emperor, which was also for the sake of the jade emperor.
As for Excavate, this old guy has no skill, but his temper is not small. He just refuses to submit to Eric Suen Yiu Wai, but he also said that he will not do anything hostile. He just wants to live in seclusion quietly. After Eric Suen Yiu Wai has retained three transgressions, he finally gave up, leaving only Nezha to inherit his father Excavate’s position, and he is still Li Tianwang.
Nezha has been longing for Eric Suen Yiu Wai for a long time. He originally stayed in heaven for his father’s sake, but he didn’t have much loyalty to the Jade Emperor.
So the pattern of heaven is gradually taking shape.
The four celestial bodies are completely unified with the heaven, forming a huge power group with an unprecedented scale. As the saying goes, the bigger the scale, the more trouble it will encounter. Eric Suen Yiu Wai wants to completely unite these forces, and it seems that it will take a lot of time.
Of course, Eric Suen Yiu Wai is not afraid of trouble. For him, he has long been accustomed to such a life. Trouble is just a booster for him, just a good thing that can make him excited.
A few days after the heaven was pacified, his son’s one-year-old birthday was coming soon. Eric Suen Yiu Wai remembered the divination of the old gentleman, and didn’t want his son’s one-year-old birthday to become a mess. He resolutely chose to set the place where his one-year-old birthday was held in the wild city
Today’s wild city is not what it used to be. Because of the occupancy of Nu Wa Empress and Fuxi Ren Huang, the public security here is much better, and the degree of prosperity is better than in the past. Eric Suen Yiu Wai chose this place to celebrate his son’s first birthday, because he wanted his son to accept the blessings of Nu Wa Empress and Fuxi Ren Huang, and secondly, he naturally wanted to avoid misfortune.
What he didn’t expect, however, was that before his son’s first birthday, he met another big event that he didn’t know was a blessing or a curse.
Great screamo temple, Tathagata has closed its doors and merged with the heart of heaven, so there is no great sage who can afford the facade at this time in screamo temple.
A few bodhisattvas, even the ancient Buddha burning lanterns, are a little too tender, but it happened that at this time, the screamo temple was surrounded by people, and the person who surrounded the screamo temple was none other than Odin, who Eric Suen Yiu Wai always thought was not ambitious.
"Ladies and gentlemen, those guys outside are clamoring to attack the Leiyin Temple. Is there any way to retreat from the enemy?" The burning Buddha presided over the overall situation and looked at the bodhisattvas and arhats and asked
"What can I do? Just kill it directly." Someone shouted.
The ancient Buddha with a burning lamp said with a wry smile, "If the Buddha goes through the customs, there will be no problem, but now there is an existence in the other army that we can’t match at all. Now it’s just an increase in casualties. Is there no good way?"
"Move reinforcements?" Guanyin Bodhisattva murmured, "Now that Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s power is in full swing, it should not be a problem if he can be invited for clearance."
"No, that Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s ambition, if he is invited, is tantamount to inviting the wolf into the room, and I’m afraid the result will be worse than it is now." Someone objected
"This is no good, that is no good, what do you want?" Guanyin Bodhisattva is also a little angry. These guys are really used to being at ease. It’s a matter of life and death, and they still want those useless things. If Eric Suen Yiu Wai really wants to raze the screamo Temple, it’s as easy as blowing off dust.
Think like this, but she can’t say that. After all, she is also a member of screamo temple, and she can’t show her friendliness to other forces in many cases. Otherwise, it would be betrayal, and she would be regarded as a traitor, a spy, or at least a capitulator.
While the people were chattering and arguing, the attack outside had already begun. The overwhelming suicide attacks of various kinds of Warcraft made the screamo temple look shaky, while the enemy in the other array who was stronger than Odin was constantly pounding the screamo temple with its horrible strength.
Although the screamo temple is unbreakable, it will be breached sooner or later, and even the best shield is afraid of wear and tear.
Just when everyone was in a dilemma, suddenly a voice rang: "Look at you being in such a dilemma, why don’t we help you?"
Although the voice is ethereal, it is definitely coming from the screamo temple, which shows that someone has sneaked into the screamo temple silently, and all the people present have not found it. This is simply a tragedy.
It is really unlucky and depressing that screamo temple has fallen to this point.
"Who dares to play tricks?" Burning the lamp, the ancient Buddha glared at him, and Dinghaizhu had already flown out and fought in the direction of the voice.
However, although this bead is fierce, this time it is like a mud cow entering the sea. It turns out that there is no feeling at all, and it seems that it has returned to the hands of the ancient Buddha after visiting an empty place.
But soon, the man hiding in the dark came out by himself, and it was not one person, but two people. The terrible thing is that the strength of these two people is comparable to that of the Tathagata. Even if the Tathagata did not retreat this time, it may not be able to stop them.
"Hey, why do you keep people away when you light the lamp? I’m here just to help, and it’s not worthwhile to entertain them with sea beads." One of them looks like a bright green hair, like a burning green flame, with a sarcastic smile on his face.
"Who the hell are you?" Asked the cold voice of burning lamp
"The king has no surname, and is directly called the Green Sea by his accomplices." The young man smiled lightly.
"The king doesn’t have a surname, and his name is Gan Kun." Another middle-aged man who looks five big and three thick and stands there like a knot in one’s heart sinks a track.
"Green Sea and Gankun, are you two of the top ten sea kings under the account of Poseidon?" Burning the lamp was indeed more knowledgeable than Eric Suen Yiu Wai. Only by listening to the name and the other person’s claim, he guessed the identity of Neptune.
"Ha, ha, ha, the burning lamp is really a burning lamp, which really makes you guess. We are not very ostentatious on weekdays. Even during the great flood, Poseidon’s old man’s house just borrowed the power of the dragon, and we are still living comfortably at the bottom of the sea. You know us, and we are really ancient buddhas." Green Sea hey hey smiled.
"Hum, don’t talk nonsense. What on earth do you want to do here?" Lamp cold hum a track
"Don’t be so exclusive. I didn’t come here to fight. I just wanted to help you out." Green Sea added.
"And then what? What do you want to do after clearance? I don’t think you will lend a helping hand for no reason, "asked the burner coldly."
"Ha, ha, ha, it was cut to the chase. Well, in that case, we won’t be hiding anything. A very simple thing is to ask you to give up neutrality in screamo Temple and support Poseidon to deal with Eric Suen Yiu Wai." Green Sea laughed.
"Deal with Eric Suen Yiu Wai?" Burning lamp eyebrows a wrinkly slightly, in the heart very enchanted, want to know that now Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s stall is too big, in addition to the big city, wild city and screamo temple, almost all the forces are under his control, if you continue like this, you can’t be sure when screamo temple can still exist. If you can use the power of Poseidon to deal with Eric Suen Yiu Wai now, it will be a wonderful thing.
When I thought of this, I had to promise to light the lamp, but I heard Maitreya say with a smile: "Please come back, we can’t promise this. Let’s not say that Eric Suen Yiu Wai today can’t afford to offend, even if it really can, then you can pat your ass and leave after the defeat, but our Leiyin Temple is bound to face the thunderous counterattack and revenge of Eric Suen Yiu Wai. Who can help us at that time?"
Burning the lamp carefully thought about Maitreya’s words, and it was quite reasonable, so I didn’t speak, just looking at the child-like Neptune Green Sea, wondering how this guy explained it and what kind of methods to deal with it.
"Ha, ha, ha, what are you afraid of? When the time comes, we will send Wang Jun to help you defend. No matter how powerful Eric Suen Yiu Wai is, can we still fight Poseidon?" Green sea laughed, but at this time his heart hated Maitreya, the damn guy, who always had a smile on his face, which made people angry.
"That’s not true. Don’t think that all of us in screamo Temple eat for nothing, but we know it. Not long ago, Poseidon in your mouth was thrown into the sea eye by Eric Suen Yiu Wai together with Tiandao League, and it is not known whether there is any possibility of survival." This time, it was Guanyin Bodhisattva who spoke, and her thoughts tended to Eric Suen Yiu Wai, because she knew Eric Suen Yiu Wai best and knew that Eric Suen Yiu Wai would not do anything unforgivable to the defectors.

Chapter 344 You sing and I’ll appear.
Chapter 344 You sing and I’ll appear.
"Hum, did Poseidon die so easily, and you look down upon him too little?" Green sea sneer at a track, "don’t say it’s Lord Poseidon, even the king can come out safely when he enters the sea eye."
"Ha, ha, ha, there’s a limit to boasting. Never has anyone come back from across the sea eye. You’re exaggerating too much?" Burning lamp couldn’t help laughing.
Green Sea blushed slightly and snapped, "Hum, anyway, we have only two choices, either being wiped out by Odin’s army outside or joining our Poseidon army."
"What a big breath! Look at your arrogance. Even if you join your Poseidon army, I’m afraid there’s nothing left for my screamo temple?" Burning lamp coldly drink a way
Having said that, he just wanted to send someone to invite Eric Suen Yiu Wai. After all, Eric Suen Yiu Wai once helped Leiyin Temple to solve the annoyance when he was still in the heaven. Now Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s power is much larger than before. It is indeed an adventure to invite him again. In terms of Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s style of doing things, it is much better than the two Neptunes of this Poseidon army.