There is a ray of gold floating in it, which is very light, very light. If you don’t pay attention to the root, you won’t notice the sound coming slowly. "Super search consumes a lot. I’m afraid it will take a while to rest. I have a hidden part of this star, and the general position of the world is far away. The edge of the star is full of black. Now I will hand you the picture."

Lin momo consciousness waved the number of stars followed quickly across the back as if toward the northwest corner of the third galaxy, about the seventy-first to seventy-second star fields. These are the last two star fields in the row, which can be said to belong to the edge, more than thirteen thousand light years away from the star center.
Then the concrete pictures came one after another, and finally I saw a huge black hole with light suspended in the darkness.
"How to see clearly? It’s good for you and me to get it done quickly. "The golden light is extremely unstable. I really don’t know how he did it if there was no wormhole, even the speed of light would have to go for more than ten thousand years."
"This seems to be a black hole area, right?" Lin momo is completely stupid. It’s incredibly difficult. Is it impatient to live around a black hole and a black hole?
The golden light has faded to an invisible level, and the sound is getting more and more distant. "You have to get close to this place and throw out the metal of the light armor before you can finish it."
"It’s easy to say, at least it has to go deep into a certain extent. It’s dangerous to pass by the black hole smoking area of Phantom of the Opera. This time, it’s really a narrow escape to feed you back?" Lin momo hurried forward to find that the union was completely cut off and didn’t get a response.
It’s a pity to miss the opportunity since it’s in front of your eyes.
Lin momo’s stream of consciousness tries to cross his legs and sit as usual, expanding his spiritual strength to absorb the free elements of the universe, which is unexpected.
The source is different from the outside world, which is the projection of the heart world? However, there are some things in the book, and there are quite a few.
Lin momo suddenly opened his eyes and thought a little, and came to a conclusion. There are two kinds of small substances scattered around him, which are frivolous and heavy. I feel very familiar with it. It should be the substantial projection of the source ability.
Take a breath gently and concentrate on the ability to absorb the source. Gradually, two different light colors appear in the source, with milky white and green.
The spirit is milky white and bright green, and two groups of light are condensed one after another.
This light is not in proportion to the size of the baby’s fist, like it has vitality. Lin momo is hovering back and forth in his consciousness and having fun.
I feel that these two things are not to be absorbed, but to be gathered together, so I seem to have some kind of enlightenment, so I think about it and immerse myself in the fun of thinking, and I unconsciously stay away from the source and slowly wake up.
"Momo, you finally woke up. Do you know how worried you are these days? No one has ever been lying down to practice the source. It’s too foolish. "John, like many elders, takes care of his nephew. Even though he has no blood relationship with Momo Lin, he can’t father his feelings.
Lin momo feel mental fatigue besides there is nothing wrong with propping up the body smiled "rare opportunity! I was forcibly dragged into the source by that person. It’s hard to say when I will go in. I’ll leave immediately in a few days. Where is the nearest business outlet of the Adventure Guild? I want to see it in the past. "
John sat down again and saw that Lin momo was in low spirits. He peeled the apple like a patient and said, "It’s best to keep it for a while. I want to teach Pei Lin to absorb the cosmic energy. This child has a good talent and a beautiful embryo is cheap. You little hahaha, what’s the expression? Don’t stare at me. You are still young and 23 years old before you become an adult. There is still a long way to go! For weapons things have to make, but you don’t expect too much. My father-in-law can get a heavy cannon design that is better than our Phantom of the Opera grandpa. It’s not bad to get more than a dozen gun areas. "
I took a bite of the apple and lay in my mouth for several days. I was dry and finished eating the apple. Lin momo wiped her mouth and slowly said, "It’s a big deal to buy some ready-made weapons to keep up the show. In the past year or two, I’m going to earn adventure points. After that, I will focus on improving the flight speed and explosive power of Phantom of the Opera through the adventure guild and strive for an average speed of four minutes and three seconds. In this way, the efficiency will rise with each passing day, thus a virtuous circle will be conducive to development."
John praised, "Great young people’s drive is that we uncles can’t work hard. I hope to see a new Phantom of the Opera in the near future. Don’t be polite to uncle these days. Besides, my father-in-law has channels suitable for making a list of ancient monsters for you. Once you travel on the waterway for a year and a half, it is very normal. The more fully prepared you are, the more helpful you will be."
Lin momozheng nodded his head, and there were few opportunities to listen to the teachings. Only when he lost did he know how to cherish it. Once Earth Huanxing lost his father, his mother and his family, but now middle-aged people gave him a home, a great new home, Phantom of the Opera.
The next day, preparations were in full swing to allocate medical drugs and hallucinogenic drugs crazily and try to inject them into the magic kettle to suppress them.
It is very successful to suppress the therapeutic agent without strong blasting force, just to restore the minor injuries of the whole expedition team, which requires a great reduction in the production rate and an average of one "healing pill" per hour.
It’s better to make people wrong because the demand for explosive force is slightly higher in illusion drug suppression. It’s a miniature bomb and ignores the real work.
The magic kettle is very slow to suppress clear water, and it takes an average of five to six days. Moreover, the density of water pills after pressing is quite high and the weight is not light. Fortunately, there are two pieces of equipment to support it, otherwise Lin momo will have to be tired with more than a dozen. However, this is a good weight-bearing practice, and the baby is increasing one by one, which is more important than the training equipment made by Pei Lin.
Everything is ready. The Phantom of the Opera slowly rises out of the atmosphere of the capital star during the farewell of John’s family.
Lin momo deck overlooking the stars has mixed feelings, excitement, timidity, confusion about the future and confidence in the Phantom of the Opera.
"Dear captain, have you forgotten something? I should be promoted to adjutant according to the order of joining the Phantom of the Opera! " Mermaid sitting in a water ball affectionately woke up and said
Pei Lin put in a good word. "Sister Sasha is almost possessed during this period. She whispers dozens of times a day. Will this say when the captain will promote me to be an adjutant? At that time, he said that he had finally survived and would never work again. Sisso, look at what you and Master have done to others’ mermaids. Please let her be an adjutant! Save nagging all day. "
Lin momo cocked his mouth and said with surprise and gratitude, "It’s duty-bound for you to be an adjutant, Pei Lin Bowl, but you don’t brush the captain’s bowl." It’s the captain’s nanny who usually pinches her legs and rubs her back. I have this intention for a long time. I am afraid that I have wronged the lovely Sasha. I can’t make up my mind whether she has been sleeping well or not. Since you volunteered, the problem has been solved. "
Sasha instantly strained her little face and shouted, "Wait a minute, this is not the case. Isn’t it Wilford? There is no way to babysit for you. "
A captain showed a bad smile. "Now that the words have been exported, you can’t go back on your word. Assistant Sasha is on call to serve the Phantom of the Opera. That’s me."
"The dead siso villain killed you and killed you!" Sasha pinched the water mass, two humans, an Aegean mermaid and ignorant chimpanzees began to fight a water battle. Fortunately, they carried enough water, otherwise they really couldn’t afford to mess around.
Young people are full of energy. Previously, John held up and couldn’t show it to Lin momo. The Phantom of the Opera was simply a paradise. Of course, after the clean robot forgot to buy it, Sasha was still responsible for cleaning it up.
The mermaid finally realized that it was the beginning of a nightmare from the day she left Aegean.
The Phantom of the Opera is heading for a deserted resource star in the fifth star domain. Adventure guilds are always unconventional and set up strange areas with outlets.
The speed of the hull was very fast, and it took only four days to find the right coordinates and rowed over.
Two rows of taverns suddenly appeared around the red soil plain, and sparse wormwood came here. There were not a few ships, and more than 500 Phantom of the Opera landed gently in the mix.
Encountering an E-class star cruise ship will show that the Phantom of the Opera has been optimized, and its state has been excellent. The evolution value has surged to 6,000 points and then reached 7,100 points. It is difficult to kill the other side, but Lin momo is very relieved.
The orangutan takes care of the house with Pei Lin. The mermaid and peacock amulet are in the backpack, and the shoulders swing along the cable. The boat also has a light ladder, but it is not as convenient as the cable.
Walking into a pub, many eyes glanced at it and continued to drink and chat.
Momo Lin sat down at the counter and ordered a martini. He was just about to talk to the bartender when someone patted him on the shoulder.
Volume 2 American enemy! Flight feathers, Chapter 61 Take over
"Young people who drink martinis don’t look at you. Where are you from?"
Lin Sisuo, a middle-aged woman with charm, smiled back. "Our ship just passed by the capital star, and the former nobles bought classical fireworks to make a small profit. The old captain likes to drink this wine very much, so he secretly ordered a cup to taste it."
Lin momo replied that it was watertight. At his age, he should practice solo on a boat. In addition, he often drinks martinis, which has become a habit. This is an illusion. John tried his best to get more than 20 barrels of martinis.
Middle-aged women are a little disappointed to catch a big fish. Generally speaking, this kind of chick is best to deal with something special, which is much more generous than those rude people. The crew always has endless energy to vent, but there is a hint of narrowness in the eyes of young people. Perhaps it is because women have a natural sixth sense that this guy is not simple.
"Don’t leave me in a hurry. How about buying you a martini? The old captain gave it to me. I hope to find some decent jobs and earn more adventure points. "Lin momo popped up a blue gold coin in front of the bartender.
The woman turned her face and said, "thank you for your generosity, but do you want some news?"
At the moment, the woman wants to see something from the other person’s expression, but she is disappointed. Her eyes are like a deep pool of stagnant water.
Lin momo immediately came over for nothing and pointed to Pei Lin next to him and said, "When my sister and I came out for a limited time, maybe we can get to know each other better. It’s either too difficult or too difficult to talk. Do you have any information about this?"
The middle-aged woman thought it was a good opportunity to make money, so she sat down and picked up her glass, seemingly casually saying, "I can take you to meet a man with three blue gold coins. He just came here yesterday and got drunk, saying that he would go to the Eleven Star Fields to find some relics and maybe earn adventure points from him."
"You really have a big appetite. Two blue gold coins will be paid after you negotiate with the guests. This is the highest price I have offered."
Lin momo finished gulping down the wine, while Pei Lin quickly ordered three large bags of French fries and stuffed a bottle of special cider into her backpack, which was for Sasha to drink.
"all right! Please come with me as soon as possible to find someone to avoid being robbed of business by his boat. "To get this unexpected income, the middle-aged woman can’t help but get nervous and is afraid of being heard."
When Lin momo was young, he was led to an alley with a shabby hotel at the end. It is hard to imagine that there are big guests living in this environment.
The woman smiled awkwardly. "Last night, the guest drank too much, so I kindly took him home, but be careful that there was a monkey around him."
Walk into the hotel, pick up the curtain door and enter a bedroom. What do you mean a bedroom? Because there is a big bed in the middle, the furniture is pitiful, but there are many wall mirrors to ensure that you can enjoy yourself from the angle.
At the moment, there is a young man lying on the bed with short blond hair and well-dressed clothes, showing sparse stubble, and if someone is asleep next to him.