"There are deeper reasons. You just said that it was a time of war, that is to say, Lord Gang Shou saw too many deaths on the battlefield, right? And then treated by her hand. Not all the ninjas were saved, were they? Then all these factors accumulate in her subconscious. Lord Gang Shou is really a gentle person. Those ninjas died too much. She accumulated memories in her brain. When her lover and brother failed to save them, they detonated the previous death memories. Then blood became the common factor of all death factors, so she was afraid of blood. "

Although I didn’t understand, my brother said it was amazing. Naruto thought alone
"As long as she can break through her psychological barriers, her strength will rise by then, because this represents a spiritual breakthrough. You should know that chakra is a combination of spirit and body, and whether a person can help himself if he wants to break through his psychological barriers?"
"So, is there really no other way?" Jiraiya is a little unwilling.
"Of course, have their own breakthrough, that’s the best way to increase strength, isn’t it? The real external force is also true, but it also requires her to break through and defeat the resentment in her own mind. When the resentment is combined with her, it can also directly increase her strength. But this external force is a prop. You may have heard its name, the real waterfall, which can reflect your own heart. It is like a mirror. If you defeat your resentment in it, then the practice will be smooth and there will be no mental obstacles. Strictly speaking, it is better than the first method, but it is very dangerous. If you enter the real waterfall, you will be defeated three times and die directly. "
"How can I really want to hear about the real waterfall?" Three generations chanted over and over again
"It’s time for dinner. Why are you still here? I am so hungry! " The old ape appeared.
"Oh, I remember the ape. I asked you if the waterfall in Huaguoshan has a real waterfall effect. I remember you telling me, right? "
"Is that the mirror waterfall? Of course, Tiandi Waterfall is the first waterfall in the world, which has all the abilities of waterfalls, and the biggest advantage is that it is not messy. "
"What?" A group of people stared at the ape-man with eyes wide open. Even Gang Shou, who was still dizzy there just now, got up and looked at the ape-man strangely.
"Why didn’t you tell me?" Three generations directly asked
"You didn’t ask before, and you’re not limited enough. Although you can psychic me, you can’t touch the waterfall because you didn’t pass the fairy test. You don’t care about the waterfall. You know, it’s the first waterfall in the world, and its function is very powerful, but its requirements are also abnormal." Maybe even the ape’s speech has become dull after staying with Shu Mao for a long time
"It’s not impossible to say so much?" Gang Shou can get up, although he is still shaking a little, but he is much better than that.
"It’s not if this small can learn psychics. Didn’t you just say you want a real waterfall? That is to say, you just need the real waterfall function, right? "
"Yes, but it has the same effect as knowing psychics in primary school and then being able to psych out part of the waterfall."
"Didn’t you say you had to pass the magic test?"
"Of course, this little boy has already eaten peaches, and it has been recognized by the waterfall, and it is in a perfect state. If he practices magic, he can open the magic mode perfectly. The most abnormal condition is that when there is a waterfall to bless him in the magic mode, it is better to expect the waterfall to still flow than to expect the sea to run out of water." This is also the biggest reason why the elder was so surprised when he looked at Shu Mao, because even the king did not reach the perfect state.
"Holy shit, isn’t that to say that it will be more abnormal later?"
"That is, I don’t look at the old devil. My eyes are so sharp."
"Then psychic!" Mute is very confusing. He can see that Shu Mao is very powerful, but he can’t even be psychic, can he?
"He hasn’t learned a ninja yet. He insists on laying a solid foundation to learn ninja. Of course, now he can learn it because he can control chakra perfectly."
"Then you should teach him!"
Who knows that Naruto has secretly dragged Shu Maoyi away because he is hungry! Then they found that the small place was empty just now. After a turn, they found that the small place had reached the building.
"Xiao Zhu wants to sneak away from us and make something to eat, right?" The old demon is in a hurry. Just know that he stays here. It’s easy for him to play game!
As soon as Gang Shou heard that there was something delicious, he was immediately resurrected with blood in place, and then a group of people walked to Shumao’s house to eat rice!
Shu Mao waited on a group of grandfathers. After Jiraiya had finished eating, he didn’t tell him and Naruto about the way of psychic seal. The most shameful thing was that he even asked Naruto to sign his big scroll of ass, and then Naruto began to practice summoning toads! Shu Mao practices summoning waterfalls and monkeys! The ape-man ran away alone, and Jiraiya was idle and slipped away for three generations, then went back to the Hokage Building in silence to find a place to live, and Gang Shou stayed to guide them. Although Gang Shou is a medical ninja, she is also very good at psychics. It is important to know that she can be a three-forbearing slug!
Real Gang Shou wants to be very simple. He wants to know more about Shumao. He has always heard his name since he came back. It is because of him that he came back. Now he can help himself. He wants to know more about Shumao.
While Shu Mao and Naruto are practicing Kung Fu, Gang Shou is very casual. They have wandered around the kitchen in the house. Everything in the kitchen is still very clean. You know, Jiraiya was a slob in those days and was often said by orochimaru.
There is always water in the bathroom. It seems that someone has taken a shower. There is a coffee table in the living room, and there is also a large sofa where several people have just eaten. It doesn’t look like two people living on the sofa, but it looks like a group of people playing on the wall. There is a static word facing the sofa and a bedroom. There is a bed in the bedroom. It is normal for two brothers to sleep in one bed. The key is that two people don’t sleep. Because I didn’t see how many quilts there were and two sets of small pajamas, it should be their brothers’ pajamas! There is a Tai Chi picture on the wall opposite the bed, which makes Gang Shou very strange.
Gang Shou conveniently picked up the middle school. At the beginning, she saw that it was their two brothers. When she opened it, she was surprised to find that it was Shu Mao’s own practice notes, which involved a wide range. For example, she wrote about practicing at ordinary times at any time and place, and also wrote some methods that people can’t practice at ordinary times. It is better to write about how to exercise your eyesight and make needles pierce the wings of insects such as flies and mosquitoes.
The most important thing is that she found that there are so many acupuncture points in the basic things, such as a concept in Shu Mao. What is the reason why everyone has different ways of practicing in chakra? He boldly guessed that this might have something to do with chakra’s flowing acupoints, and then he had an idea: Is it that the more you flow through acupoints, the more chakra you produce? Or the more chakra attributes? Or the better the quality of chakra? Of course, these are also methods to confirm.
Slowly, even Gang Shou didn’t realize that she had been attracted by Shu Mao’s idea. Finally, she saw the statement about chakra’s control. He thought that was the basic step of practicing chakra, instead of practicing Ninjutsu as soon as there was chakra. It was also very dangerous to release Ninjutsu without excellent chakra’s control, and she might accidentally hurt her teammates in the battle. chakra’s control should be to practice first after practicing chakra, which is the basis of the foundation.
Gang Shou is very much in favor of the idea of Shu Mao.
At last, it is pointed out that if everyone can control himself, everyone in chakra can learn medical ninja, so that no matter who is injured in battle, he can get treatment at any time. At that time, medical ninja will be the best. The rhythm of direct treatment of ninja and body exercise will kill you!
Gang Shou saw this idea and instantly felt that if he had been born so many years earlier, he must marry him! (the amount is running away, come back quickly! )
Chapter 32 Just moved in? Brother and sister?
"Ah, Lord Gang Shou, your side?" Shu Mao ran into the house and didn’t find Gang Shou. Finally, he found her in his own bed.
"Why haven’t you been beaten?" Gang Shou is curious about this.
"We don’t sleep and meditate late to practice instead of sleeping. At first, we were really not used to it, but after a long time, we got used to it. Then when we meditate, we can let ourselves not think about anything and do nothing deliberately. Slowly, we found that it is better than sleep and can replenish our spirit." Shu Mao introduced it excitedly
"did you write this?"
"Yes, it’s a pity that there are so many things that I can’t get the answer. I don’t have the strength yet."
"Why don’t you treat me well and I will guide you to do medical practice?"
"Thank you very much. I want to learn Ninjutsu most, which is medical Ninjutsu. I always think that medical Ninjutsu is the most powerful."
"Can you talk about it?"
"You should have seen me write? That’s really one aspect. I always think that the strongest ninja is not that a ninja can destroy heaven and man, but that a ninja can win the hearts of heaven and man. That’s the most powerful! The heart is invincible! And medical ninja is really recognized by all the people in the world. You see, fire nation is good at all kinds of fire escape; The wind country is best at the puppet art of wind escape; Water country is water escaping from the Lord; Leiguo is the same as Leizhu; In the end, the soil country is the main country, but no matter which country is the most important, it is the medical ninja. If you want to get the heart of heaven, you must find something that is acceptable to heaven and man. I found these places and I wrote it. "
"Why do you want to write this?"