Two people just walked out not far when they heard a gunshot behind them. Two people were so busy that they turned to watch.

See sato is left hand gun temple has appeared a hole, blood gurgling braved the body slowly fell to obviously has expired.
Two people quickly called the military doctor to deal with Sato’s body, and there was another chaos in the army.
Xiao Yimu’s former South Park was silent and uneasy, hoping that ōshima Yoshimasa would send reinforcements to accept the siege of Maoershan.
Chapter 44 A bloody battle city six
"pa!" When Xiao Yimu ordered the soldiers to bring the news to the ōshima Yoshimasa command post, ōshima Yoshimasa was holding a teacup in his hand and the generals were waiting for the news of Sato’s victory in the night attack.
Unexpectedly, the news of the capture of Maoershan did not wait until it turned out that Sato was defeated by all his men. ōshima Yoshimasa was so angry that he smashed the teacup to pieces.
"honk! Sato is such a loser! Lose all the emperor * * people face more than two thousand people to seven hundred people also have an artillery squadron was defeated so miserable that he should directly cut abdomen! " ōshima Yoshimasa growled angrily.
It’s a small thing to lose the attack. Sato is taking it away this time, but one-third of the artillery of his HunChengLv was destroyed and all the weapons and ammunition in Maoershan were lost. ōshima Yoshimasa really felt distressed and dropped blood.
"The general came to Sato Masaharu to launch a night attack on Maoershan, although it was seen through by the Qing army, but it was not over. It was a small group of Qing army that suddenly appeared, and the artillery position was completely destroyed by hand grenade bombing near the artillery position, and then it was rushed into the hinterland of our army in lightning speed, causing Sato Masaharu to be seriously injured. Jun Qian Nanyuan Jun in front had to withdraw his troops and rescue him. As a result, the Qing army in Maoershan was commanding and defeated our defense line. Because Sato Masaharu was unconscious, it was difficult for each department to organize effectively …"
"It is the mysterious qing army! Ga! Akiyama! I ordered two days to find out the Qing army and then encircle the main force! He is a big worry for our army in the future and must never grow up again! "
"Hay!" Akiyama Hiroyuki bowed his head and promised with a dignified face. Akiyama Hiroyuki listened to the report of the soldiers and paid attention to this Qing army in his heart. It was really not simple to make Sato Masayoshi Camp jump with dozens of people. At least, the Japanese army could not find such troops all the time.
"Make the subordinate ministries immediately prepare and set out to send troops to Maoershan. I want all the forces to conquer Maoershan! Jade emperor * * revenge! " ōshima Yoshimasa drew out his saber and cut the case in front of him into two pieces. He shouted angrily.
Akiyama Haogu said, "I have a suggestion for General Pavilion."
ōshima Yoshimasa nodded and said, "Qiushan Jun has a good plan, just say it."
Akiyama Haogu said, "This mysterious army of the Qing Dynasty is elusive, and it is very difficult to find it and annihilate it. I think it is better for us to lure the snake out of the hole."
ōshima Yoshimasa shine at the moment and said "flush the snake out of the hole? Tell me about your detailed plan. "
Akiyama Haogu said, "General Pavilion, when you lead the main force to attack Maoershan so that there is no respite, then organize two trench teams to lure the mysterious troops to plunder, and then I personally lead the cavalry to panic, so that they will never fly out of the palm of the cavalry United!"
ōshima Yoshimasa said with a long smile, "Good Qiushan Jun will panic in the Qing army as you say!"
"Hay!" Akiyama was so excited that he quickly promised to retreat and prepare.
At noon, ōshima Yoshimasa led the main force to the headquarters of Sato’s main department and went straight to the temporary command post. On both sides of Xiaoyimuqian South Park, Sato’s body stood silently, while all the soldiers were in a depressed mood. A sad atmosphere hung over the barracks.
ōshima Yoshimasa’s face is like a fire-breathing tooth, and his teeth rattle. This battle has dealt a great blow to the morale of soldiers. The overwhelming situation was defeated by the Qing army. This is not a short-term recovery.
ōshima Yoshimasa said with a sullen hatred, "Sato is fighting against the empire, adding a great shame, though death cannot atone! Now that he’s self-inflicted, there’s no need to pursue the body too much and transport it back to China for proper arrangements; Xiaoyimu and Qiannanyuan were not able to demote and stay in the army for standby; All personnel immediately prepare for a face attack on Maoershan at four o’clock in the afternoon. It is necessary to take Maoershan in a short time! "
Zhang Yi and Tang Keqiang of Maoershan have already got the news that ōshima Yoshimasa personally led the army to rescue them. More than 4,000 Japanese main forces gathered in Maoershan to prepare to storm the highland and occupy the strategic high point.
Zhang Yi Tang Keqiang’s face was dignified, and the Japanese army’s aggressive comeback gave Maoershan a huge defensive pressure. It is hard to say how long it will take for him to stay in the isolated mountain. Even if the main Japanese army reaches Maoershan, Nie Shicheng will certainly not dare to send troops to support it. If the consequences are unimaginable and unchangeable, it is the policy to change.
Zhang Yishen asked, "How is our army preparing for war?"
Tan Feng said aside, "Boss, after the First World War last night, our army has successively reduced its staff by more than 160 people, and now there are more than 500 people who can fight. But we will face a disparity in the main strength of a HunChengLv in ōshima Yoshimasa, even if we rely on trench fortifications, we will not last too long …"
Zhang Yi gave Tan Feng a cross and said, "Nonsense, I don’t know? I asked about our military preparations. "
Tan Feng shrank his neck and said, "The chief of the report said that our army’s food can still be maintained for four or five days. The weapons and ammunition were seized in the afternoon, and some of them were added. We seized four heavy machine guns, two small-caliber guns and a 95 mm Krupp wild gun. We have arranged our army’s position and seized more than 200 rounds of ammunition, totaling 150,000 rounds; Adding ammunition to our army is now available. Our army has a total of 20 artillery shells of various types, more than 1,100 rounds of ammunition and 350,000 grenades. There are more than 1,000 of these ammunition, which is estimated to barely support our three-day battle. "
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "For three days and three days, I don’t know if Zuojunmen and other departments can get to the city. If reinforcements are delayed, we do have some hard to say. Order all personnel to strengthen fortifications and joint reconnaissance battalion to let them look for opportunities to divert the attention of the Japanese army. Let Zhang Yihu tell him to catch the thief and capture the king and hit the snake for seven inches."
Tan Feng replied, "Yes, sir. I’ll send someone to contact them."
Zhang Yi waved and said, "Hurry up and it won’t be long before the Japanese army launches a new round of offensive."
Turning around, Zhang Yi said to Tang Keqiang, "Brother Keqiang, you will fight side by side on this first line of defense and see if the ghost can break through my carefully arranged steel defense line!"
Tang Keqiang laughed. "Good brother, today, I will lay down my life to accompany you and the kids to have a good game. No one can give orders to the old Xiong Lingbing to go to Laoshan Camp without fear of death and chicken out. Who dares to engage in military law!"
After noon, the Japanese army has already prepared the team from the temporary station to Maoershan, with its back facing the mountains and plains. If you want to attack, you can choose a frontal storm. It is impossible to besiege the roots. It will take at least three days to bypass the mountains in front and March to the back of the Qing army. Once you divide your troops, the city defenders will definitely send troops to attack, but they will put the Japanese in a dangerous place.
ōshima Yoshimasa is a battlefield veteran, and he is really an expert in the military. It is natural to understand this truth. ōshima Yoshimasa then ordered the remaining artillery brigade to launch shelling on the Qing army in two directions, and divided the Japanese army into two teams to focus on attacking the left and right sides of the Maoershan defense line.
ōshima Yoshimasa put both BGF squadrons at the forefront in an effort to succeed in World War I.
ōshima Yoshimasa arranged everything and said, "Order the artillery to immediately launch a saturation attack, destroy the enemy fortifications at present, and then carry out a fire suppression unit trailing attack with heavy machine guns!"
Chapter 45 City Seven in a bloody battle
As ōshima Yoshimasa ordered the Japanese artillery position to launch the most violent shelling of the Japanese position since the Korean War, dozens of different caliber mountain guns and field guns and small caliber guns were fired together, which completely enveloped the Maoershan position.
Smoke filled Maoer Mountain. After these two days of fighting, the dwarf vines and grass in the mountain have already been blown beyond recognition. After the bombing, the Qing army was covered with cannon fodder. Except for their eyes, they were all black. Zhang Yi licked their chapped lips and concentrated on calculating the Japanese artillery shells and observing the enemy’s situation.
At this moment, Tang Keqiang leaned in and said, "Look, bro, the kid artillery has been playing for nearly half an hour, and it should be about to attack."
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Well, it’s almost time for them to attack the infantry as soon as their artillery stops, and then it’s time for us to send our artillery to the Japanese artillery to fight back as soon as they stop, so that they can see that our artillery is not a vegetarian."
In a blink of an eye, half an hour has passed. ōshima Yoshimasa has seen the artillery attack, which almost blew up the Maoershan defense line of the Qing army. I feel that the fortifications have been destroyed. I ordered, "The first squadron and the second squadron launched key attacks from both sides of the defense line of the Qing army and immediately charged!"
ōshima Yoshimasa didn’t learn the lesson from Sato Zheng’s battle yesterday, and he didn’t study the battle log of Xiaoyimuqian Nanyuan in detail. However, he forgot that the Qing army was not the original camp of Ye Zhichao Peking University or the old war thinking. Nie Shicheng Huai Army’s trench fortifications in Maoershan were very advanced even at the beginning of the 19th century. At the same time, the defensive deployment was still made by Zhang Yi, an excellent soldier who was nearly a hundred years ahead of schedule, and the defensive ability of the elite main team of Huai Army was far beyond ōshima Yoshimasa’s imagination.
The commander who led the Japanese charge just raised the command knife and shouted "Forward!"
The Japanese army shouted "Slab" and just launched a charge, the artillery across Maoershan shook the earth. Different Maoershan Qing army fortifications were on the defensive. After several days of construction and reinforcement, they were unbreakable. Although the Japanese artillery fire was fierce, the damage to the trench fortifications was not great, and the personal injury was almost negligible.
However, the Japanese army was on the offensive and just arrived at Maoershan near noon. There were almost no fortifications to speak of, so they rashly launched the offensive. The whole position was already under the fire of the Qing army. Maoershan Tan Feng commanded more than a dozen artillery units and fired shells like crazy. There were flowers everywhere in the Japanese position, and the Japanese heavy artillery fire caused casualties.
ōshima Yoshimasa was stunned by the heavy artillery fire of the Qing army. He didn’t expect that after half an hour of shelling, the firepower of the Qing army across the street would be so complete. Such a vicious attack was the key area of his own position. ōshima Yoshimasa was so remorseful that he was carried away by anger and rushed to attack without a detailed analysis of the Qing army
But at the moment he can’t take care of many ōshima Yoshimasa roared "artillery artillery! Fight back immediately! Give me the opposite Qing artillery position! "
Less than five minutes after the cease-fire, the Japanese artillery fired again, and the artillery battle between the two sides reached a fever. At this time, the Japanese infantry had already rushed to the front of the Qing defense line.
Zhang Yi had already discovered that the Japanese infantry attack was directed at Tang Keqiang and laughed. "Brother Keqiang, it seems that that guy on Oshima is dizzy with anger. He even wants to attack heavily in two directions. He doesn’t want to think that our heavy machine guns are enough to suppress the fire together. Let’s see if this group of ghosts are enough to feed our men and order all the heavy machine guns to move to both sides, and the Japanese army will fire together when they enter the fire range!"
Zhang Yi ordered more than 20 Green cannon heavy machine guns that had just reached the forefront to quickly move in the direction of Japanese attack, and they were already in place in a few minutes.
Look at the Japanese army has entered the range of heavy machine guns, and the heavy machine guns on both sides are not killing themselves. After yesterday’s victory, the morale of the Qing army was high and they fought bravely. The Japanese army was swept down like a leek by a green cannon. In just a blink of an eye, more than 100 people were killed and injured. The Japanese army quickly fell down with powerful heavy machine guns to suppress the Japanese army. Don’t say that they didn’t dare to move forward.
The lead commander roared, "The gunner is on fire! Implement fire counter-suppression! Infantry continue to charge! The glory of the emperor! Forward! "
At this time, the heavy machine gun position of the Qing army was slightly restrained by the Japanese fire suppression, and the Japanese army lost its crazy momentum just now, shouting slogans and moving on. From time to time, the Japanese army was shot and went to see them.
The Japanese army’s sharp offensive and the Qing army also suffered casualties. The two sides held a tug-of-war on the front of the position and the battle was in a stalemate.
The two sides have been fighting from noon to night, and ōshima Yoshimasa has launched three attacks, but they still can’t take the first line of defense in Maoershan. Instead, they will lose their troops, and the Qing artillery will be less outnumbered. In the face of dozens of Japanese artillery, ōshima Yoshimasa is furious and has no way to make a temporary break and adjust the strategic deployment. In the first world war in the afternoon, he had already discovered that his position was not well defended and adjusted his position to prepare for the attack after midnight.
ōshima Yoshimasa paced back and forth in the temporary command post, thinking about the war situation this afternoon, such as breaking the current deadlock in attack and defense in Maoershan. The main generals of Hunchenglv also sat in the room and bowed their heads. No one expected that a small Maoershan with hundreds of Qing troops would be so difficult to eat, which was too unacceptable for the arrogant Japanese emperor.
Before staying on the military map, ōshima Yoshimasa carefully studied the surrounding topography and wondered whether to change the strategic plan and re-besiege the city with troops. However, if the enemy in Maoershan does not divide the Japanese army, it is like a sore throat. It is really uncomfortable to feel the need to guard against the attack on the Japanese camp at any time.
The chief of staff, Seyoshi, came forward and said, "There is something wrong with our army’s offensive strategy this afternoon."
ōshima Yoshimasa turned his head and stared at Seyi. "What’s wrong with Sejun?"
Seyoshi replied, "At noon, the general cabinet divided our troops into two ways to attack the Maoershan defense line. Although our army has superior troops, you think that the number of our troops will increase. Now that we have won two small areas, the personnel roots will not be turned into refueling tactics. At the same time, the Qing army has won all heavy weapons in these two areas, which has caused considerable casualties to our army. It is better for us to continue to attack tonight with the cover of darkness and the advantage of our troops, so that our army has the opportunity to fish in troubled waters and take care of the Maoershan defense line."
ōshima Yoshimasa nodded at once. "Well, you’re right. Let’s immediately adjust the deployment according to your strategy and launch a night attack on Maoershan in the early hours of the morning!"
Seyi went on to say, "General Pavilion, in addition, we have to take care to prevent a small group of mysterious Qing troops from raiding artillery positions. The incident last night can never happen again."
ōshima Yoshimasa nodded, "Ge said that it is reasonable to order the allocation of six heavy machine guns for peripheral defense, and let Akiyama Haogu allocate a small team of cavalry guards to protect the artillery positions."
Chapter 46 A bloody battle city
The Qing army in Maoershan defense line is re-reinforcing the bombed fortifications to better cope with the Japanese attack again.
All the first-line heavy machine gunners in a piece of land have been hit by Zhang Yizhong. Zhang Yi is reprimanding the machine gunner in front of him. "Heavy machine guns should be long and short, combined with understanding and understanding. Our ammunition is not fully prepared. How many bullets are not enough for you? There are also assistant machine gunners. You should distinguish the key points of the Japanese attack. Where the crowd is dense, you must command the machine gunner to focus on hitting there. Otherwise, the bullets will hit the ground and kill the undead. Don’t fart! Remember, we are facing several times our army’s imps. If you don’t want to fight, don’t even think about going back to China to hold your wife and children! "
Nuo Nuo, the heavy machine gunners, was passive and low-promised that these veterans were fearless and ruthless, but after several battles, the leader of the duct tape commanded that the ghost on the other side could not stand the Maoershan position at all. These people gradually became surprised and afraid of Zhang Yi and stopped bossing around like that.
Zhang Yi paused and then said, "Well, you go to rest. I think the Japanese army will continue to attack tonight and order the army to brace up for the Japanese attack after midnight."
Tan Feng came over and said in a low voice, "Boss, the Japanese offensive is too fierce. I’m afraid it’s hard to support our ammunition for two days according to this way? In just one afternoon, our shells shot out nearly one-third. How can we defend without ammunition? "
Zhang yi’s heart is also a dash and nu way "you are a dead man, why don’t you know to save this?" Today, the Japanese army is still trying to attack the big battle. What shall we do when there are no shells? "
Tan Feng said with a sad face, "Boss, you have been clamoring for the artillery to beat you hard. The brothers have tried their best to fill in the shells. Although the ghosts have been beaten badly, there are several shells."
Zhang yi wry smile a oneself also is too devoted to forget this crop.
Zhang Yi sighed and said, "Well, Tan Feng, you are independent enough now. From the current artillery position, you will command me. I will not interfere any more. Remember to transport the artillery reasonably, make good use of the steel blade and do my best to annihilate the Japanese effective force."